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Healthcare Information Management System
Prime India Healthcare Has partnered with Manorama for Business & Implementation of solutions in south India. Prime India Healthcare provides a better edge to help Manorama to get a leap in South India.

Manorama serves global Healthcare Industry as a "Turnkey IT Solution Provider". Our expertise in "HEALTHCARE DOMAIN" spans more than a decade and is well reflected in its product portfolio. It has an ERP, Lifeline Suite, for multi-specialty hospitals, with more than 45+ modules taking care of all aspects required for successful running and management of such enterprises.

The product line caters to the specific needs of various specializations such as Cardiac, Oncology, Gynecology, Orthopaedic, Neurology, Urology, Ayurveda and Telemedicine applications. Manorama Info solutions also have other products: Lifeline E-Clinic, Lifeline E-Diagnostics, Lifeline DMS (Documents Management System), Lifeline Dev (Bio Medical device integration) and Lifeline M-Health. All product lines are compliant with the ICD 10 CS, CPT, CPOE, HL 7 Ver. 3.0, E and M Coding. For GCC countries, we are certified by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and Abu Dhabi Health Authority (HAAD). With the current customer base of about 140+ customers across PAN India (Maharashtra /Delhi / Punjab / Noida / TN / Karnataka), and 15+ hospitals having more than 300+ concurrent users, operating the ERP. In the last quarter, we signed a MOU with India-based Bharat Family Clinic Pvt. Ltd. (BFC) which is associated with Johns Hopkins Medicine International (JHI) for their up-coming 100 Clinics across India. In the International scenario Manorama implemented 10+ live sites in UAE. Last year, Manorama was honored with the prestigious order of Chest Care Government Hospital, Kuwait.Thus, Manorama is equally poised for a big leap to serve Africa, UK and the US markets. (Know More)

Lifeline Suite:

Lifeline is a comprehensive and integrated ERP for Hospital Management Solution. The systems have been designed keeping in mind all facets of the health care spectrum, from primary care to super specialty services. Clinical and Financial information fully integrated to enable health care organizations to operate efficiently. Our platform is designed and engineered to provide utmost reliability and flexibility essential for Health Care Information Systems, and has the capacity to continually evolve to meet changing health care dynamics. Our ERP solution for Hospital management - Lifeline Suite is fully compliant with WHO norms, HL7, HIPPA and ICD-10 for the international market, with plans to implement SAAS for Healthcare IT

Lifeline E-Clinic :

» Lifeline E-Clinic is an exclusive mini ERP system which helps in the systematic management of a Hospital.
» System also helps in administering branches of hospitals having one integrated database. It Covers the complete work flow of a General Practitioner and Specialist Clinics.
» With this great tool, clinics can drastically reduce the administration and management hassle and dedicate their time to providing quality healthcare services.
» Lifeline E-Clinic is a securely hosted web application for patient care information Management.
» It integrates acute and community care information into a single view of the patient, enabling health and service providers to optimize the quality of care for their » patient at the time and Point of care.

Lifeline E-Diagnostic:

Lifeline E-Diagnostic Centers play a major role in the Healthcare Industry. Many hospitals run their own diagnostic center and many run individually. Gone are those days when people use to come with the list of tests for investigations. Equipped with the latest technologies and machines Diagnostic centers have made innovation in the healthcare Industry.

Manorama Infosystem has designed such a solution to best suit the innovative diagnostic center. Lifeline diagnostics is a browser based web enabled application and is a comprehensive solution. The architecture of the solution is in itself a feature which enables a diagnostic center to improve its ROI. Everything being online the user can any time login from anywhere and can view the schedule, reports, details etc.

Clinic Desksoft :

Clinic Desksoft is a comprehensive and integrated OPD Management Solution designed to meet the demands of running modern Hospitals / Clinics. Clinic Desksoft Streamlines and integrates the processes and helps Information flow, which helps to manage resources at optimum utilization.

Lifeline DEV :

» To be interface-able with clinic management system and compliant currently running in the clinic with the standard interface protocols.
» Provide the ability to automatically receive lab requests from the clinics through interface or to insert order directly on LIS.
» Support all areas of diagnostic laboratory (i.e. Chemistry, Haematology, Microbiology, Immunology...etc.).
» Support various types of auto-analyzer interface protocols (bi- directional host interface query, uni-directional interface, sample worksheet download).
» Support remote test requisition entry to allow remote sites to connect remotely to a central LIS database.
» Accept ICD-9 / ICD-10 diagnosis codes entered on clinics management system by physicians or ordering locations through the interface and display them to the lab staff on LIS.
» Automatically assign accession number and specimen ID and generate sample labels and worksheets.
» Allow lab staff to flag received specimen as collected after receiving specimen inside the lab and print specimen labels. (Reprint labels to be applicable on demand).
» Allow the lab staff to print list of not received or reserved specimens.
» Show patient Medical Record Number (MRN) and other demographic data on specimen labels and worksheets.
» Provide lookup capability and work list printing using patient’s first name, last name, Patient’s ID, department, lab unit, specific test, time period, accession No, sample No, sample status or any combination between request details.
» Support processing the same specimen on multi-instruments and display all tests results on one consolidated screen for lab reviewing and verification.
» Support defining different reference values for the same test on different analyzers.
» Provide real-time flagging of abnormal results, results out of panic range and absurd results after receiving the result from the instrument or inserting result manually in the system.
» Allow the lab staff to verify and release sample test result individually or in batch.
» Review, verify and release results by any of th following parameters (test name, instrument type, lab unit, accession No, Specimen No, patient demographic information and ordering location).
» Allow the lab staff to view the previous patient result side by side with the current result in one screen and print all of them in one accumulative report.
» Generate statistical reports, workload analysis reports and infection control reports.
» Automatic capturing of QC results from auto-analyzers and online flagging of any test out of normal control values.
» Generate QC reports by test, instrument, control type and control date.
» Evaluation of QC data according to West guard method and Levey-Jennings method and print control chart.
» Online flagging of any test or sample exceeded its turnaround time (TAT).
» Online flagging of any test exceeded its delta check level for a given patient based on user defined delta check value and time period.
» Support automatic transmission of the test result to clinic management system through interface after lab validation and release.
» Allow the clinic doctors to view the test result online and print the final result report on demand.
» Electronic upload of patient test result report on the internet after lab validation.
» Support assigning different security level for every user or group of users according to the job tasks and requirements of each user or group.

Lifeline DMS :

» DMS is a Document Management System. Document management, often referred to as DMS, is the use of a computer system and software to store, manage and track electronic documents and electronic images of paper based information captured through the use of a document scanner.
» DMS is very useful for the organization to accomplish Business Process efficiency, it helps in reducing the usage of paper and saves physical storage space apart from the easy retrieval of files.
» Previously documentation was a difficult task for an organization, as it took a lot of time and a storage space. Retrieving them took even longer. Use DMS is able to store, retrieve and access documents easily across at several locations.
» Collaboration is one of the prime features of a DMS. Think of it in practical terms if multiple people have to access the same file it would take time, now through the DMS multiple people can access the same file and changes can be stored and tracked accurately.

Lifeline Telemedicine:

Lifeline Telemedicine is a comprehensive, simple, secure remote access to the medical data of the patient. It is made with a vision to streamline the process of offering the telemedicine services through remote places. It not only takes care of the patient record but the entire telemedicine center with the help of the specialized enterprise structure. Integrated with EEG Machines, Features like PACS etc. The architecture is designed in manner that helps in speeding up the patient treatment cycle and connectivity among the different telemedicine centers increases satisfaction level of patients and telemedicine Centers.

Lifeline M-Health:

The doctor at a Healthcare enterprise can keep track of following even when on the move: » View and even cancel patient Appointments.
» Check investigation suggested for particular patient.
» Check the Electronic Medical Records which covers Chief complaints, Clinical history and Clinical examinations at his fingertips.
» View the prescription details of patients.
» Checks the diagnosis of patient and hence helps to monitor status of patient health.
» As part of administration, doctor can see staff on duty with the help of ward or staff name.
» Can know who are on nursing duty and call them to give any verbal instructions. (Know More)


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