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Case History of Mrs. Rabi Mamoh & Mrs. Binta Mamoh confidential@primeindiahealthcare.com0
My name is Rabi Mamoh, I am a Nigerian, came to India 9th of March 2009 with my mother Binta Mamoh, she is 65 years old. She had a long history of pressure, Enlarge heart & finally Ascending Aortic Aneurysm, we contacted Prime India who took care of the whole process. They organized coming here, got our Visas, picked us from the air port and took us to the hospital. We were at the Frontier Life Line cardiac Centre which has an excellent facility for cardiac patients where handled by doctors, Dr. Cherian Dr. Prashanth, and Jean who took very good care of us. We had a very good time there. They did all tests & medical investigations, and eventually from the results of the test she dint require surgery anymore, which was a very big relief for us. We were very happy about that. They gave her medication and she is feeling much better than she had over the years. She is taking very less medicines than she used to take before and they are really effective. They took excellent care of us, Dr. Mahendran and his group in Prime India, and Miss. Vidhya they have been all so help full to us. We had a wonderful time in India, we came for health and my mom is feeling much better and has changed her medication completely. Prime India has done a very good job, I am very happy the way they handled our case. We certainly recommend them to other people, who would like to come to India for Medical Tourism. Any thing we wanted the case managers were there to lead us through. We also enjoyed shopping out here. All together we are really happy and say Thank You to Prime India.
Mr. ROBERT McGee confidential@primeindiahealthcare.com0
My stay at India has been exceptional in every way. It is at par with the best hospitals in U.S the facilities are modern, the staff are excellent, the food is exceptional in every way. Thank you Prime India for the wonderful service.
Victor Kennedy confidential@primeindiahealthcare.com0
I visited India in January 2008 for a Gastric Bypass procedure. My surgery was performed at hospital in Chennai. My surgeon was excellent as was the nursing and support staff at the hospital has very good and modern facilities. Prime India assisted me with my procedure and patiently handled all my queries over a six month period while I was in touch with them. Overall my experience with Prime India has been very positive and I would recommend them to anyone who is planning to go overseas for medical attention.
Mr. Brown confidential@primeindiahealthcare.com0
My wife required a heart surgery procedure. The Cardiology procedure is not very advanced in our country, so we contacted Prime India in India. On getting convinced of the quality of the hospital facility at Chennai in India, we came to India. We were taken care by Prime India representatives and got the treatment at the best modern hospital facility which has very advanced technologies for cardiac heart surgery in India. The hospital at Chennai was accredited by JCI - USA. The hospital was excellent, medical care by the staff, nursing and the treatments provided by the heart surgeons was much better than our expectations. We are thankful to Prime India for arranging very good facilitation services for us always, including our peaceful stay, on time and very efficient assistance and all the kind help offered during our visit.
Alex confidential@primeindiahealthcare.com0
I wish to reflect on my visit to India for the knee surgery. I would like to appreciate for the professional manner in which Prime India conducted my diagnosis, right from the moment I had made contact with them, to the reception on my arrival and lastly the efficient Hospital admission for the treatment. At no time did I feel my time wasted and the whole process went smoothly I am happy that Prime India & the Hospital staff were very friendly and attended to all my health care needs. Please continue with your good work of bringing healing to the people of the world! I will definitely recomend Prime India to all my family & friends.
Elaine Ackril UK confidential@primeindiahealthcare.com0
My sincere and heartfelt gratitude to Treatment- trips and it has been almost 5 months since I did my procedure. I feel wonderful with my new flat tummy. The compliments that I have received from my family, friends and co-workers instill the fact that I made a wonderful & wise decision. I never thought that this could be possible for me. The procedure was relatively painless and the recovery was remarkable. I was sore, but it did not limit me after a few days of rest. I look in the mirror in awe at my new figure. I am forever indebted to Prime India and the team for making me "me" again. I had a wonderful experience that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to others.
G. N. Kampala confidential@primeindiahealthcare.com0
Prime India performs successful Complex Cardiac Surgery for a 30 year old Nigerian Lady under Harvey Super Specialties Hospitals: Ms Tanko Ashabi Kudirat, aged 30, a Nigerian Citizen residing in Lagos, afflicted by Rheumatic disease needing correction of her heart valve was diagnosed as having a severe leakage and narrowing of her mitral valve (Mitral valve stenosis and regurgitation) and severe pulmonary hypertension. She was in NYHA Class III-IV heart failure with fluid collection around her lungs. Her condition warranted immediate Heart Valve Corrective Surgery. Dr Idris, Yekinni, the Doctor based in UK, attending on Ms Tanko (and also a relative of Ms Tanko), after evaluating various options (of having the Surgery done in UK / Other Countries Zeroed in on Harvey Super Specialties Hospital in Chennai under Prime India . Ms Tanko was referred to Prime India , And Health Tourism ( Healthcare Consultants ) had forwarded the case to , Dr M P Naresh Kumar, MS. Mch FRCS (Edin), a leading expert on heart valve correction surgery and Chairman and Chief Cardiac Surgeon of Harvey Hospital. Ms Tanko traveled to India & arrived at Harvey on 25th Nov. 06. After undergoing all relevant blood tests, echocardiogram, 64 slice CT Coronary Angiogram and full evaluation she underwent Open Heart Surgery on 28th Nov. 06 which was done by a team of Doctors headed by Dr M P Naresh Kumar, who explained that the Operation lasted 4 Hours & that Her mitral valve was found to be severely narrowed and leaking. This was corrected by Mitral valvotomy, papillotomy and ring annuloplasty using St Jude 27 mm flexible ring (SJM tailor annuloplasty ring). Dr Naresh Kumar further added that the above procedure corrected the leak and the narrowing of her own native mitral valve and she has recovered from her Surgery and is doing well. Her Post Operative echocardiogram reveals a normally functioning valve with no evidence of narrowing or leakage. Dr Naresh Kumar further emphasized that usually in these situations the diseased valve is removed and replaced with either a mechanical or tissue valve. But these valve replacement surgeries are fraught with problems of anticoagulation (blood-thinking) medicines, future bleeding, clotting and inability to undergo pregranancy (which would be a pity especially in young child bearing women). In this instant case with the preservation of the Patient's own valve, by repair of diseased valve by (using innovative techniques) problems of anti coagulation and sudden valve failure leading to death has been prevented. The Surgery done gives the patient trouble free, medicine free future without heart failure - a major boon - vindicating the trust and confidence reposed on Indian expertise & fully serving the purpose for which the patient came & got admitted in Harvey Hospital under Prime India . Ms Tanko is expected to be fully fit for travel back to Lagos We would like to place on record our sincere appreciation and thanks to both Dr Idris Yekinni(UK) and Mr. Abdul Quadir (HTI) for their very important role in the matter. Thanks to them - Ms Tanko has now got the best possible International treatment and that too at value for money. Ms Tanko is now very cheerful - feels much better and has been thanking the Doctor Team & para Medical team in Harvey for a job well done. She is also very happy with the hospitality . Her sister who accompanied Ms Tanko Ashabi Kudirat as her attendant is also fine and very cheerful. Dr Naresh Kumar also explained that Health Toursim India is catching up in a big way in India and Chennai being the medical Capital of India is poised to benefit enormously. The Expected revenues by 2012 under Prime India is US $ 5.0 Billion a year and every year over a Million are expected to travel to India for Prime India . Harvey has already treated patients from USA; Middle East; Bangladesh; Sri Lanka; South Africa and this is the first from Nigeria (West Africa) and that too amidst competition worldwide.
L. L. Colorado confidential@primeindiahealthcare.comUSA
I wish to reflect on my visit to India for the knee surgery. I would like to register my profound appreciation for the professional manner in which Health Tourism India conducted my diagnosis, right from the moment I had made contact with Health Tourism India, to the reception on my arrival and lastly the efficient Hospital admission for the treatment. At no time did I feel my time wasted and the whole process went like clockwork! I am happy to confirm that the Hospital staff were very friendly and attended to all my health care needs. The Nutritionist at the hospital is especially worthy of praise for her great concern and encouragement to ensure that I never missed a single meal! Please continue with your good work of bringing healing to the people of the world! I will definitely talk well of Health Tourism India!! God bless you!


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